Friday, 20 August 2010

These boots were made for walking

A difficult day in the world of Edna as I’ve come to realise that my heel wearing days are numbered. I’ve spent the day in the world’s most comfortable heels – my raspberry pink Clarks beauties – and still, STILL, I have struggled. It takes me five minutes to walk to the train station in the the time I got there I wanted to take the shoes off.

I spent the rest of the day quietly crying out for flats. It’s not something that the party feet gel pads would sort out – this is full body pain, weak ankles feeling like they’re going to go over any second, shuffling along at a snails pace type of issues.

I have been phasing heels out of my life. I spend 80% of my time in flats anyway. Heels tend to come out when I know I won’t have to walk very far and I keep some under my desk at work, so I can wear flats to work and put the heels on when I get into the office. I know it’s a cliché but you do often feel more dressed up with heels on.

But, there are some clothes that really only come to life with a pair of heels. My high-waisted pencil skirt only works when I get myself up there. Ditto some of my uber-smart work frocks.

So it is going to be a difficult transition. One potentially fraught with the odd tear and sulk. What may make this transition easier this coming winter is this week’s lust item, these gorgeous brogue style ankle boots (at £88).

Office Mickey Kingston boots

I’ve banged on many times about the powder blue brogues I bought from Office in April and have worn...and continue to death! The fact that they are now available in boot form makes me want to do a little skip. I’m hoping they extend the colour palette as they are currently only available in four colours....including my favourite, the deep red patent leather one above.

Don’t be surprised, Edna readers, if come autumn you spot some posts with these on my feet.

p.s. the Office Frank leather brogues now come in a plethora of colours....I’m thinking one a month...and even have Mr W’s support in buying some!


  1. Office Brogues are this seasons 'must haves'... colours are fab, styles and heal heights are fab - all round great stock which I shall be purchasing at some point soon. I like the mid heal brogues although the flat ones do look more comfy (god I am old!) - the only colour that doesn't float my boat is the pink ones - purple would have been a better choice.

    Fab few days of blogging katie - checked out The Gap too - a bit of jeans purchasing will also be going on in our household come payday (online of course)!!

  2. I love the brogues - definitely buying a few more colours. I saw the mid-heel brogues but felt the same as you...liked the idea of comfort over a heel even one as low as that!

    And thank you for your lovely feedback! You're a sweetheart!



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