Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Oasis to the rescue

It is a grim view out of my window this evening. A grey onslaught and rain just hammering down. I know we do get obsessed with the weather in this country but there’s a’s August and we are experiencing October weather. It really is turning into an August in which to take salvage in autumn much as I have fought against this.

Which brings me back to camel...I
’m still getting my head around it. I’m starting to get a whiff of the dreaded ‘beige’ from some of the items on sale! And no one pale and pasty ever looked good in beige. So while I was doing my online fashion browsing today, Oasis, one of my favourite shops, came to my camel rescue with a whole page of camel inspiration and different ways to wear it.

I particularly loved this sweater because the black lace collar cleverly keeps the camel away from your face so limiting complexion draining.

Lace sweater - £40

Same with this really pretty la
ce dress at only £45!

I promise that I won’t be having a weekly camel update but given how huge it is this coming A/W, I am trying to either get my head around it and wear it or pop it in the ‘not for me’ fashion bin!

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