Friday, 6 August 2010

A little birdie!

Last weekend I spotted a gorgeous goose print dress in the Observer magazine. I also spotted that it was Moschino Cheap & Chic and cost £605, at which point I closed the magazine and went back to renovating the bathroom and shopping for a new toilet online!!

However, the memory of the goose has stayed with me. I love a quirky animal print...this is not about the classic leopard print (another time I will cover my love of the leopard!)...this is about geese, and cats and woodland creatures, like this amazing scarf from NW3 at Hobbs.

So this week when I saw this dress in French Connection I did a little internal ‘yippee’! It has birds, is a classic shape which works really well with such a silly print...and is 100% silk. My dress dreams rolled into one frock! Admittedly it’s still not cheap but is a much more attainable £120! I give you, this week’s lust item!

p.s. if you too love an animal print and a love of quirk, Paul & Joe make-up is made for you. How about a swan printed lipstick, shaped like a cat?!

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