Friday, 13 August 2010

Lusting after lips!

As you may have guessed from previous posts, I can have quite silly taste in accessories. As much as I know that it makes sense to buy classics that go with everything and will last years, I still find myself drawn to handbags with Bambi on the front of them!

I love the slightly surrealist details too. I almost bought a Lulu Guinness lips clutch bag for my wedding day (the handbag was my big treat to myself!). The only reason I didn’t is that it would struggle
to contain what I usually lug around with me on a night out. It’s your lipstick and credit card type of evening bag, when I tend to need a keys, tonne of makeup, phone, oyster card, tissues etc type of bag!

My lovely friends on my hen party bought me an Anna Lou of London lips brooch as a token of my love of lips-based fashion items...and to console me for being
sensible and not buying the Guinness clutch!

In light of my love of lips, I was enraptured when I spotted this!

A Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case. I could have kissed it! It comes in a variety of colours and costs £60...which admittedly is a bit steep for a nylon case (and considering that the patterned case I use at the moment is waterproof and cost £12 from Paperchase!).

Still, it’s not very often you get a Marc by Marc Jacobs beauty like this for under £100 and it would cheer up a laptop no end!

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