Thursday, 26 August 2010

Slips & Petticoats!

The advice I am about to dispense is going to sound like something from your grandma but is actually words I heeded from Kate Phelan, fashion director at Vogue.

Wear a slip. Or petticoat.

In an interview donkeys years ago, talking about buying clothes from the high street, she said that wearing a slip underneath dresses and skirts smoothes lines and bumps and makes the garment look a lot better quality and better fit.

These are words of genius for anyone who cannot afford expensive designer clothes and for those who generally just enjoy a cheap thrill on the high street.

Obviously petticoats and slips have traditionally been used to stop the static between tights/stockings and your clothes (I learnt the hard way about this when I once discovered my skirt had crept up underneath a jacket and I’d got my tights-encased arse on display!). But even if you don’t need them for the anti-static, they are great anyway for smoothing out visible underwear lines, smoothing out any other lumps and bumps you may have, giving you an extra layer if the fabric seems a little transparent, and generally making your outfit look that bit better made.

I’m not going to inflict photos of petticoats and slips on you! There are pretty ones available but what you really need are ones that are non-frilly, good quality, in a range of basic colours. None of which are exciting to look at! My suggestion would be to visit the underwear department at M&S.

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