Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Get to Club Monaco!

A short blog tonight as it’s been difficult to fit it in. I’ve been out visiting a friend and her new baby...and have got home late to blog and our wonderful new wi-fi system is playing up...not great after only two days! So slow progress tonight...

I mentioned yesterday that one of my favourite stores in the USA is Club Monaco, so I thought tonight I would show some more of their great outfits. I also thought I would show you the gorgeous clutch I stupidly didn't buy...despite carrying it around the store for a while sure I was going to get it! (I had already hit a discount shopping mall hard and decided I should be sensible and close my purse).

It’s not the most exciting store, in th
at it’s all quite classic with a bit of a twist...but then I always come away with something. I have a high-waisted skirt I bought a few years ago which has been such a great is really well-made, is timeless and flattering but also has enough of a quirk. I have worn it to death! I also always seem to come away with one of their great black jersey dresses.

Like Cos (though more expensive) it’s all about good quality clothing, that works for working women but has a twist so you don’t feel a frump. And a lot of the clothes are about how you accessorise by themselves you may wonder how good you will look and whether you may look a little bland but they are so well made that they’re just a great base for quirky accessories.

So if you are in the USA...or Canada (and Club Monaco is also in Asia), then definitely drop in for a look. And if you’re really nice, then maybe I can put an order in for the tie-dye clutch!


  1. Did you come across Max Studio in the US? Amazing stuff, classics with an edge:

    I'm off to NYC in September and you've got me all excited now! Shopping will be curtailed by the meh exchange rate, but I think I'll find a few vintage bits and bobs to bring home. Can't wait.

  2. I haven't heard of them but just looked at their website and they have some great stuff. I love these shoes:

    Have you been to Century 21, the designer discount department store downtown? You will be in there for hours! So many great bargains!


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