Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Keeping it pretty

I know we shouldn’t get too fixated on the surface of things (slightly ludicrous to say, I know, when I’m writing a fashion blog!) but I am an absolute sucker for pretty packaging. I love shops where what you’ve bought is wrapped in tissue paper and put in a pretty paper bag. I go way over the top in gift wrapping presents – first wrapping them in tissue paper, then wrapping paper, and ribbons or string and bows. For me – if not the recipient of the gift! – it makes it even more special to have something so carefully wrapped and you feel like it’s a luxurious gift...even if it’s something from Primark!

All of this means that I adore it when beauty products come in pretty packaging. I know it helps if they also work well but there is something so satisfying about a lipstick with a gorgeous patterned tube...such as the Paul & Joe lipsticks I’ve mentioned before. In fact, if you do ever feel like a treat and like me love a little extra detail, everything from Paul & Joe will appeal to you!

Ridiculous Alice in Wonderland print make-up – I should be old enough to know better!

At the cheaper end of the spectrum, Charles Worthington has teamed up with Erdem to create designs for three of his ‘Front Row’ range of products. Erdem has beautiful prints but is a little out of my price range! I bought the salt spray last night, so I’m not yet sure how well it works. I usually use a Bumble & Bumble one which is expensive but works brilliantly. I use it to curl my hair, spraying it through my hair, twisting and twirling sections into knots and then leaving it overnight (it’s how I did my own wedding hair!). I’ve tried others but they have never worked as well. This is my final chance with a cheaper brand at £5.99...if it doesn’t hold as well, it’s B&B forever!

Some of my other favourites...

The Celia Birtwell range from Boots, that runs from lip balm, to make-up brushes, make-up bags...through to tights (!). Lip balm

Steam cream moisturiser, which comes in lots of different patterned tins, including my favourite, this limited edition cat print from PPQ.

Bourjois vintage printed make-up, which I have yet to see in a shop on the high street but you can get on Asos.

Bourjois blusher

Bourjois eyeshadow

And finally, Green & Spring...the higher end and much more of a treat but I love the birds!

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