Sunday, 15 August 2010

Camel chic?

Camel. The colour of autumn. The colour of the ‘new minimalism’ that’s being lauded for the coming cold season. For me, there’s also the faint whiff of Del Boy Trotter about camel and, as such, it makes me a little nervous!

Given that I am boycotting all autumn clothing until 1 September, I haven’t tried anything on yet. But I am tempted to at least give it a whirl in the changing rooms to see whether I can channel Chloe more than Del. Although it is a trend, it is also a classic and therefore one that will float in an out of fashion but will always be stylish and chic.

And apparently there is a camel hue to suit everyone, so that even pale, washed out folk such as myself can find one that doesn’t drain the remaining life out of your face.

But, and this is a big but, I think there is such a risk of falling into pensioner territory – looking a bit too classic and elegant. For a colour that is seemingly so simple and natural, it seems also fraught with pitfalls. Del and old lady being just two of them!

So I am turning to you, Edna readers, for help! Have you invested in any camel clothing yet? How are you getting along? Have you got any photos you can show us working the camel look? I’m in need of some inspiration, that’s neither catwalk, pensioner or market trader!

Please send emails to and I can post photos and feedback, so the rest of us can go bravely into the new season, swishing along in our camel finery (or not!).

In the meantime, this is the coat I have been eyeing up...which I think has already sold out in Oasis (!)... and was only £80.

p.s. in today’s Observer magazine Polly Vernon is talking about her love of the new season clothing, including lots of camel...dare I say it, beige from Topshop.

If you do a search for ‘camel’ on the Topshop website, you will find a multitude of camel items of clothing and accessories:


  1. Personally I'm not sure about camel or cream for the winter as my skin goes a dreadful grey/yellow colour in the winter months and I need a bit more colour to make me look vaguely human... it looks great on all the models with a tan and I love some of the things I've seen on them.

    I'm probably going to go for accessories (shoes/scarfs/hats/jewellery) in camel and trousers/skirts just not tops or dresses.

    Hope this helps!!

    PS My birthday coming up in October so I'm hoping I will be bought a couple of new items of clothing - embellished t-shirts and striped tops if I drop enough hints!!

  2. I'm exactly the same...a bit worried about it near my face. I need so much blusher in the winter months anyway to lift my pale skin.

    I'm thinking of maybe a darker, more toffee colour would work better. I guess the test is to try on and see whether you look worse than you did when you walked into the changing room...if so, you know it's not for you. I think trying accessories first is probably a safer (especially financially safer!) way to trial the trend than a winter coat!

    Let me know if you do get anything camel...I need to see it!


    p.s. i'll maybe do a post on embellished t-shirts over the next month or so...see if there's anything that you can then forward on as an extra hint!!


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