Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sunshine & Showers

Dressing for rain and heat...a difficult one...and something I got completely wrong yesterday. The torrential rain in the morning and moody grey sky lulled me into a mistaken sense of cold and needing to wrap up. I wore a thick, long-sleeved black jersey dress from Cos, black tights, black leather Converse boots and threw on a trench coat. An outfit I love and the contrast of the black with a classic trench is very chic and a favourite of mine.

Only it was a very clammy day, so while the trench was a good idea, the rest of it wasn’t. I spent large tracts of yesterday sweating! I was in a bar last night and was so uncomfortable. You know what it’s like when you’re so hot, so sweaty that you can actually feel it running down between your breasts (!) and it makes even trying to focus on the most basic conversation difficult. The only thought on repeat in my head was ‘I’m hot, I’m sweating and I need a cold shower’ (thankfully wine helped me refocus less on the sweat and more on the company!).

And with two days of rain forecast for London, I thought it best to be prepared so that I don’t fall into that sweaty trap again!

A trench coat is perfect for rainy, warmish weather and these days most shops stock them, from low to high end. I have one I bought years ago from Miss Selfridge in a sale when there was an entire rail groaning under the weight of them because no one was interested. It was a bargain £20 and has been worn to death. They are now everywhere, in a range of colours, and are a great investment.

Monsoon Jo puff sleeve mac - £85

Natural full skirt mac from Star by Julien MacDonald at Debenhams - £89

Miss Selfridge navy ruffle detail mac - £59

The usual cliché...layers, layers, layers! If you’re out and about all day, then it is colder in the mornings and evenings, so it’s a good idea to have a knit with you to throw on...and off.

Uniqlo have an amazing range of merino wool and cashmere blend knits – sweaters and cardigans in a huge range of colours from £24.99 for sweaters to £29.99 for cardigans. And they are soft.

And a scarf – I think another post is in order on the power of the scarf to transform an outfit (as well as obviously keep your neck warm!). I know men often don’t understand this but a woman’s temperature is a carefully balanced state...sometimes we can be hot in a tank top but in need of a scarf at the same time because we have a chilly neck! Always best to be prepared and whip one out of your handbag when needed!

Topshop cloud silk scarf - £25

Oasis paisley tassle triangle scarf – down to £10 in sale

It’s good to be
wearing shoes that work with or without tights/leggings. A quick trip to the ladies and you can shed or add another layer. I keep banging the brogue drum, but they really are so versatile.

And finally, an umbrella. Obviously plain are usually cheap and easier to use with every outfit but you don’t need to see a selection of plain umbrellas! So here are some lovely pretty ones instead!

Cath Kidson star print umbrella - £22

This would be a splurge for an umbrella but I absolutely LOVE this Lulu Guinness number at £32.

And sometimes we all need something a little ridiculous in our lives...such as this umbrella from Radley. It’s cheerfulness in brolly form! £30

Tomorrow, I will be prepared!

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